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Spark the Flame

Spark the Flame

A campaign to raise $1 million for welding equipment.

The Spark the Flame initiative will provide the equipment for our new welding lab.

The addition consists of three components:

  • Construction of a new industrial building, which will house a 40-booth welding lab and Welding, CDL, and Lineworker classrooms
  • Creation of a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Range
  • Addition of a new parking area for commuter students

Interested in learning more?

Dr. Julie Post
WGTC President

Brittney Wells
WGTC Foundation Executive Director

Partnership Opportunities

Murphy Campus - Waco, GA

The new Industrial Building will be located to the north of the existing campus building. Three program areas will be hosted in the new facility: Welding, Commercial Truck Driving, and Electrical Lineworker. In addition to classrooms and labs, the building will include a lobby, break area, community space, and work room. The facility is intended to augment programs on the Murphy Campus, which currently has no industrial and manufacturing curriculum. The project will utilize a Design-Bid-Build delivery method and the Stated Cost Limitation is $8.7 million. Construction is scheduled to start in 2024.

Naming Opportunities

Lineworker Classroom
888 sq. ft.

Welding Classroom
872 sq. ft.

Welding Lab
6,701 sq. ft.

CDL Classroom
876 sq. ft.

Community Area
805 sq. ft.

CDL Range
300' x 400'

Industrial Building
25,582 sq. ft.

Current Supporters

American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
Cliff Harris
Lewis Fire Protection
Southeastern Hose
Systems & Methods, Inc.
Warren and Ava Sewell Foundation, Inc.
Wayne Davis Concrete

Untitled Design(12)
Wgtc Industrial Bldg Lobby Community Room
Murphy Tech Bldg Conceptual Page 4
Murphy Tech Bldg Conceptual
Murphy Tech Bldg Conceptual