Types of Accessibility Services

In addition to accommodations, Accessibility Services also provides the following services.

  1. Academic Coaching– Academic coaching is a voluntary service offered to students needing assistance in strengthening their academic skills in note-taking, time-management, test-taking, goal-setting and areas of executive functioning.
  2. Assistive Technology– Assistive technology is any device or equipment used to aid an individual with disability in accessing information. Accessibility Services allows students registered with the program to utilize available assistive technology to help remove barriers int eh academic environment. AT available on campus includes but is not limited to screen-reading software, recorders, magnifiers, and FM Loop systems.
  3. Emotional Support Animals (ESA)– The ADA does not mandate the allowance of ESA and pets on college campuses where campus housing is not available.
  4. Service Animals (dogs) are allowed in the classroom and all areas of the college, according to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). A service animal must be trained to perform a task for an individual with a disability. For more information visit gov.
  5. Sign language interpreting services– are offered to qualifying students who are deaf or hard of hearing. Other services may be available upon request.
  6. Tutoring/Note-taking– Students who qualify can request a note-taking for assisting with obtaining lecture notes in class. Accessibility Services will also assist students in locating tutors when needed. Please contact Accessibility Services with questions.
  7. Workforce Recruitment Program (WRP)– This free program connects college students, graduate students, and recent graduates with disabilities to federal employers who are seeking to hire for internships and jobs. Student registration is open every fall. Contact Accessibility Services for more information.