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Donor Recognition

Donor Recognition

The mission of the West Georgia Technical College Foundation is to provide resources that support workforce development and help students build better lives. We maintain state-of-the-art buildings, facilities, equipment, and labs. We support students by administering and awarding scholarships, and making college graduation a reality for thousands of deserving students even in the face of huge economic challenges.

Donors give to the WGTC Foundation because the mission of the college dovetails with their business and community objectives. Together we strive for a skilled and ready workforce, employability and employment, and healthy and prosperous communities.

We recognize our friends and partners by offering thanks, promotion, and publicity.



To learn more about how you can invest in WGTC Foundation, please contact Brittney Wells, Executive Director of Institutional Advancement for WGTC, at (678) 664-0515 or by email at