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General Business

At West Georgia Technical College, start your postsecondary education close to home with confidence, knowing that you’ll be saving money, giving yourself time to make important decisions, earning a top-notch education, and getting the full college experience—all before you transfer to a four-year college or university to obtain your bachelor’s degree.

Looking for a career in General Business?

Professionals in business careers have specialized skills that are in great demand in every industry, in non-profit organizations and in government departments at every level. Whether you work in a large corporation or a small independent store, or if you aspire to manage your own firm, there are business careers that will allow you to achieve your goals. What do business careers entail? Plenty! Depending on your position, any number of activities may fill your busy days. You may be challenged to create business plans, manage a retail store, run a marketing department, supervise sales and customer service, train and hire staff, develop an advertising campaign, plan a budget or even guide your own business to success.

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