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Hotel, Restaurant, Tourism Management

  • Campuses

    Callaway Conference Center, LaGrange

  • Credentials Offered

    Hotel, Restaurant, Tourism Management AAS Degree
    Hotel, Restaurant, Tourism Management Diploma

    Professional Certificates:

    Event Coordinator
    Food and Beverage Director
    Hospitality Industry Human Resources Assistant
    Hotel Management Specialist
    Restaurant Manager

Hotel, Restaurant, Tourism Management (Coming Fall 2024)

Career Information:

The hospitality industry offers a vast array of opportunities for growth and innovation. With ever-changing technology and shifting consumer preferences, the industry is constantly evolving, presenting new avenues for businesses to explore. The hospitality sector caters to diverse needs and desires of travelers worldwide, from boutique hotels to luxury resorts and from food trucks to Michelin Star restaurants. Whether aspiring to become a renowned travel agent, a skilled hotelier, a savvy theme park marketer, or an experienced event coordinator, the hospitality industry promises rewarding career paths with opportunities for professional development and personal fulfillment.

Business Unit Mission Statement:

The School of Business and Public Services, a division of West Georgia Technical College, provides program learning opportunities to enhance academic, occupational, and professional knowledge and skills. These opportunities prepare graduates for job acquisition, retention, and advancement.

Contact Information:

Amber Payne
Program Director