Online Programs and Courses

West Georgia Technical College offers classes in a traditional classroom, hands-on lab, or through a hybrid or completely online format. Online classes provide flexibility in scheduling and can be taken most anywhere computer technology and Internet access is available. For those with a busy schedule, course work can be completed most any time night or day within the parameters and deadlines of work submission.

WGTC offers a convenient class schedule searchable by course, campus or instructional format for ease of making your course selections. For students interested in taking their entire program online, we offer a wide variety of degrees, diplomas and technical certificates of credit that may be taken completely online. A detailed list of totally online programs is available to help you make a decision on your academic career path. Or if you prefer, you may speak to one of our admissions specialists or an academic adviser located in the advisement center or in one of our Academic Resource Centers (ARC).


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Accounting AAS Degree (AC13)

Accounting Diploma (AC12)


Technical Certificates of Credit

Computerized Accounting Specialist Certificate (CAY1)

Office Accounting Specialist Certificate (OA31)

Payroll Accounting Specialist Certificate (PA61)

Tax Preparation Specialist Certificate (TPS1)


Business Management 

Business Management AAS Degree (MD13)

Business Management Diploma (MD12)


Technical Certificates of Credit

Hospitality Operations Associate TCC (HP31)

Human Resource Management Specialist Certificate (HRM1)

Service Sector Management Specialist Certificate (SSM1)


Fire Science Technology

Fire Science Technology AAS Degree (FS13)

Fire Science Technology Diploma (FST2)


Business Technology 

Business Healthcare Technology Degree (BHT3)

Business Healthcare Technology Diploma (BHT2)


Technical Certificates of Credit

Healthcare Billing and Reimbursement Assistant Certificate (HBA1)

Business Technology Degree (BA23)

Business Technology Diploma (BA22)

Administrative Support Assistant Certificate (AS21)

Medical Billing Clerk Certificate (MB21)

Microsoft Excel Application User Certificate (ME51)

Microsoft Office Applications Professional Certificate (MF41)

Microsoft Word Application Professional Certificate (MWA1)



Cybersecurity AAS Degree (IS23)


Marketing Management

Marketing Management AAS Degree (MM13)

Marketing Management Diploma (MM12)

Small Business Marketing Manager Certificate (SB51)


Medical Coding 

Medical Coding Certificate (MC41)